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The PA profession has been in the top ten growing fields for many years and is projected to continue in this trend.

One thing that I would like to mention is that salaries quoted in almost all references are lower than actual PA salaries. PA salaries have been rising rapidly over the past ten years so data from three to five years ago is almost meaningless.

Even current salary surveys are not filled out be enough PAs to make them very useful. Typically PAs that make more than the national average are less likely to fill out salary surveys because those surveys are not helpful to them, and they are not as concerned with their compensation because they are comfortable. PAs that make less than the national average are more likely to fill out surveys because they are not currently satisfied with their compensation and it is important to them to have this data so they can petition for a raise.

New graduates typically take a substantial pay cut their first year because they are still learning their specialty with their supervising physician and are not producing very much revenue for the practice, therefore are compensated less. This is reflected in salary surveys, but not as accurately as you might expect from the survey.

These surveys would fail statistical significance studies
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